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 Alliance For Responsible Science

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In  combating the chemical warfare claiming hundreds of thousands  of victims a year in the EU, AFRS (Alliance for Responsible Science) challenges the validity of animal-based toxicology tests and calls for reliable toxic risk assessment.

European Social Forum, Malet  St., Bloomsbury, London

 Saturday 16th of October,  11.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.


Europeans are surrounded by over 100.000  chemicals, 98% of which have never been tested for their effects  on our health and the environment.

Recent health statistics prove that we are exposed to a full-blown  chemical war which claims hundred of thousands of victims yearly  in the EU.

The European Commission (EC) is right in deciding that these products must be assessed.

However, AFRS challenges the EC's projected use of traditional  toxicology methods

in such assessments, since these would rely on animal-based tests, which have been conclusively proved to be invalid for human medical  research, and asks for the adoption of RELIABLE scientific toxic risk assessments, VALID  for humans.


Fabrizia Pratesi (Italy), Coordinator of EQUIVITA Scientific Committee

Joy Palmer (UK), Co-founder/Director of DLRM (Doctors  & Lawyers for Responsible Medicine)


Caroline Lucas (UK), Member of the Green Group  in the European Parliament

Claude  Reiss (France),  Molecular toxicologist and President of Antidote-Europe

Gianni Tamino  (Italy), Professor of Biology  at the University of Padoa and President of EQUIVITA Scientific  Committee

Enrico  Moriconi (Italy),  Veterinarian, President of ASVEP, Green Counsellor  of the Piemonte Region

Daniela  Guerra (Italy),  Member of the Executive Board of the Italian Greens - IN ITALIANO

Jarrod Bailey (UK),  EFMA, Europeans for Medical Advancement

A special contribution by Moneim A.  Fadali, Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeon, Co-founder and President of DLRM

ModeratorWendy Corson (UK), Member of the Board of DLRM

The contributions by the speakers  will be followed by a debate open to the public







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