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Animal experimentation: quo vadis homo sapiens?

                                                                                                                                     Claude Reiss

In his report to the European Social Forum “Florence 10 +10” (on November the 10th 2012) Professor Claude Reiss aims to:

  • Show the evolution of the major diseases in the last few decades, and their extrapolations in the coming decades if nothing should be done to improve the prevention and eventually develop effective therapies;
  • Demonstrate that the use of "animal model" is an aberration. It is glorified by industries (pharmaceutical, food, chemical, microwave industries ...) because it allows them to prove everything and the opposite of everything;
  • Illustrate the toxicogenomics in a simple manner with a concrete example (BPA).
    In conclusion: to show that the "animal model" does not exist for man, because it is a "diabolical deceit", already responsible for a "pubblic health Titanic", which continues to provide huge profits to some industries and companies;
  • Explain how the latter are allowed to send their lobbyists to come to an agreement with politicians, legislators, agencies and authorities, research establishments, media, to denigrate any result contrary to the interests of their sponsors and, at the same time, convince public opinion that their results are “Gospel words”.

By making good use of the topic "futility and risks" of animal experimentation, animal defenders would have an incomparable tool to defend their opinions and, at the same time, to ensure a better health: here is where heart is join with reason.

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