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Forwarding the press release received from Stop Vivisection 30.11.2016



at the European Parliament: tuesday, 6.12.2016

9.00 am to 1:00 pm

A response to the Commission's lack of accountability


The European Citizens’ Initiative « Stop Vivisection » announces the NEW

3Rs for biomedical research: revamping, recasting, regenerating.

On December 6, in Brussels, Stop Vivisection speakers and promoters will

present a Counter-conference to the public at the European Parliament to

explain the urgent need to do away with animal experimentation and revamp

it both at the institutional and at the societal level.

This Counter-conference is hosted by Eleonora Evi MEP (EFDD - Five Star


As the title suggests, this will be a Counter-conference, as part of a response

by the organisers of the European Citizens Initiative (ECI) Stop Vivisection to

another conference simultaneously taking place on 6 December in a different

location in Brussels, organised by the European Commission (EC).

Despite claims by the EC that its conference is being organised in response

to proposals made by the Stop Vivisection ECI (one of only 3 ECIs that succeeded

in collecting more than one million signatures), we would like to make

it absolutely clear that the conference organised by the EC does not bear

our signature and is not in our name.

What separates the two conferences is that we will address the two major issues

highlighted by Stop Vivisection during two years of intense mobilisation

across the EU:

(1) the lack of scientific validity of using animals to predict human response to

drugs and disease, and

(2) the necessity of getting rid of all the huge political, cultural and financial

obstacles that interfere with the validation and effective use of reliable

methods of research.

Both issues are crucial because of the negative impact of animal experiments

on human health and the environment, in addition to animal suffering. The EC

has proven to be immune to any legal challenge, and blind and deaf to the

legitimate requests of its citizens. Therefore, on behalf of 1,173,131 certified

signatures, our conference will recast new initiatives at the national, EU, and

international level.

A LEGAL COMPLAINT about the inadequacies of the EC to meet its citizens’

requests has been recently submitted by the promoters of STOP

VIVISECTION to the European Ombudsman.

The option of launching parliamentary commissions of inquiry by individual

EU member states, into the question of the validity of the animal model, as

predictive of human response to drugs and disease, will also be discussed at

the meeting.

For more than five decades since its inception, the 3Rs principle (refine, reduce,

replace) that pervades Directive 2010/63/EU and is the mantra of the

EC conference, has succeeded in preserving the status quo and defeated

any and all attempts to end animal testing.

Biomedical research needs to be regenerated and radically renovated, if we

want to overcome the shortcomings of a practice that does not deserve the

name of science. Nor the label of a “necessary evil”.

For info & accreditation, please send an e-mail to: eleonora.evioffice@, specifying your data (name, surname, date

of birth, nationality, identity document, n° of identity document).

« The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as

in escaping from old ones »

John Maynard Keynes

for more information: <>





European Parliament 6.12.2016

Debate on the shortcomings of the ECI as emerged in the

Stop Vivisection case and on the scientific reasons why

it is necessary to overcome animal testing


8:00 - 8:45

Registration & Accreditation

Meeting point: Ex INFO POINT at the Esplanade Solidarnosc


Welcome Speech

Ms. Eleonora Evi

MEP EFDD, Member of the Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals

PANEL I: Stop Vivisection and the shortcomings of the ECI



Mr. Fabio Massimo Castaldo

MEP EFDD, Member of the Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals



Prof. André Ménache

Scientist, Stop Vivisection Committee


Prof. Gianni Tamino

Scientist, Stop Vivisection Committee


Prof. Marco Mamone Capria

Scientist, University of Perugia

PANEL II: Alternative Methods, focus on science and funding



Ms. Michèle Rivasi

MEP Greens/EFA, Member of the Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of




Dr. Ray Greek

Scientist, President AMFA (Americans for Medical Advancement)-video message TBC


Dr. Elisabet Berggren

Deputy Head of Unity, EURL-ECVAM, JRC


Dr. Candida Nastrucci

Scientist, President of TheAlternatives


Dr. François Busquet

Policy Coordinator, CAAT Europe

PANEL III : Ethical Aspects



Mr. Marco Zullo

MEP EFDD, Member of the Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals



Mr. Matteo Cupi

Animal Equality (NGO), Executive Director


Mr. Claudio Pomo

Essere Animali (NGO), Campaigns Manager



Closing speech

Mr. Stefan Eck

MEP GUE/NGL, Vice-Pres.of Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals

Debate, Q&A

FOR INFO & REGISTRATION: [email protected]

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