Press Release EQUIVITA


The Stop Vivisection Promoting Committee


Asks european Citizens for a new Support

with the campaign


#Stop Vivisection to save human lives


The Promoting Committee of the European Citizens’ Inititive (ECI) Stop Vivisection

espresses the deepest gratiutude to european Citizens for the generous participation

with their  signatures.


With Stop Vivisection we have reached over 1.200.000 certified (legally recognized)

signatures from the NationalAuthorities !

We thus have become one of the only 3 successful ECIs presented in the first two

years of implementation in Europe of the “Right of initiative” (application of art.11 of the

European Treaty)


Such a great  success forces us to:


Ask all citizens for a new and still broader support


Why? Because In a short time we are going to meet the Commission at the

european  Parliament in a Public Hearing.

* We will ask that Europe, following the path outlined in the United States by the National

Research Council (NRC) of the "Academy of Sciences" (the most prestigious scientific

body in the USA, as says Jeremy Rifkin) with its  Report "Toxicity Testing

in the 21st century: a vision and a strategy", is finally made another promoter of an

essential "Epochal Change."


* We will ask the Commission to present a new directive that comes quickly to the

abolition of animal experimentation (or vivisection), the most prominent symbol -  still

existing in the 21st century ! - of obscurantism and regression, both scientific and

technological, both ethical and cultural .


How can you support us?


It's easy to support Stop Vivisection. Just visit our initiative at the link with Leevia:

and upload a picture, any picture that expresses your feelings or thoughts, where the

following words appear:


  #StopVivisection to save human lives




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